Cyber Relationships

We've gathered some hints and tips on cyber relationships for you. After all, your relationship is going to start as a cyber relationship. How it progresses from there is up to you.

  1. Surviving a Long Distance Relationship
    With the right amount of effort and interest on both parts, a long distance relationship can survive the obstacles it will frequently be challenged with. As long as you both refresh your memories of why you chose to do this in the first place, trust each
  2. Honesty And Respect in Long Distance Love & Dating
    Both honesty and respect are vital to maintaining a relationship. You have to trust your partner, if not, you'll be kept awake wondering who they're with and whether they're still faithful.. Don't perpetually ask, "Who were you with," or "W
  3. Dating Long Distance
    Communication is an absolute must in any long distance relationship. Whether it's via phone, email or instant message, keeping in touch is an absolute must. If you're using the phone, it's a good idea to compromise and take turns paying the phone bill.
  4. Long Distance Relationships: Visiting Each Other
    When you get the chance, during holidays or term breaks, take the opportunity to see each other again. You might want to consider other options, like a weekend break at some mountain lodge, or maybe even a quick holiday somewhere. Absence may make the
  5. I want us to get married and he wants to live in his own place and me in mine
    We have been together for 3 years. I am 30 and he is 50. I have a 9 year old. I want us to get married and he wants to live in his own place and me in mine. I want us to be married and live together. We are ending this relationship because of these choice
  6. Are long distance relationships doomed from the start?
    I met a nice lady online through an exclusive service that is used by singles who have a pretty good idea of what they are looking for in a potential mate. The one major issue I have encountered with online meeting is how difficult it can be to find
  7. Your Beloved Soldier Is Coming Home - Now What?
    Laura anxiously anticipates the return of her husband Dan. What will it be like and what should she do? After all, he is not returning from a successful business trip or golf weekend. He is coming back from war. Should she arrange a romantic

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