Dating Tips: The Opening Line

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Corny pickup lines do not work. So, let's use imagination and try to open simple conversations Here are a few great opening lines to use when you run across a single woman you would like to meet:

  • Bars and nightclubs - "Do you want to dance?" If she says no, whatever you do, don't just walk away. Follow up with, "If you don't want to dance, do you mind if I join you for some conversation?"
  • Nightclubs with "live" music - "What do you think of the band?"
  • Restaurants - "This is my first time here. What's good on the menu?" Another one you could use is, "Would you like to go have a drink after dinner?"
  • Beaches - "Would you like to play some Frisbee?" or "I'm going to the store, can I bring you back anything?"
  • Supermarkets - "Excuse me, which steak looks better to you?" or "How do you tell which one of these cantaloupes is ripe?"
  • Laundromats - "Would you like to go have a cup of coffee while we're waiting for our clothes?" or "Could you tell me if I should wash these clothes in hot or cold water?"