The Philosophy of Love

We have looked long and hard at the philosophy of love. is the brainchild of two incurable romantics, and the philosopy of love runs in our veins. Or so we believe, at least. You cannot run a dating website allowing people to place personals adverts and profiles and do it well without caring about people, about love and about the philosophy of love.

Philosophy of Love - Alex Moseley

We looked at Alex Moseley's treatise on the Philosophy of Love published on the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. We thought it worth linking to, so we have. It's pretty heavyweight stuff, but then when was love and dating and romance ever lightweight?

God's Design for Scriptural Romance - John W Thompson

We wandered on and found John W Thompson's essay about God's Design for Scriptural Romance. It seemed to us to be totally in accord with Dating, especially when we found a heading "The Philosophy Behind Dating" right at the start. And then we read on! It seems that, according to Mr Thompson, God does not want us to date. This is, of course, the Christian God as interpreted by Mr Thompson. We somehow suspect that Christian Dating is approved of by the Christian God. After all, how else would we all be here?

Looking for love in all the wrong places - Martin Dillon

We found a fun paper called "Looking for love in all the wrong places" at Binghamton University reported by Sandy Paniccia and authored by Martin Dillon. We love this part: "Our culture is suffering from erotic malaise. We do not seem to know how to love well, and that is manifest in the problems we seem unable to handle..." Now why do all these people say things against romance? They must have missed out on something, surely, in their lives.

Philosophy and Dating

Such dull stuff. So we searched for some serious relief. And we found that someone, at least, understands the dating game! We won't even introduce it. It's right here

The True Philosophy of Love

To us the philopsphy of love and or romance is simple. Love hurts no-one. Love abuses no-one. Love that is mutual is ownderful, whetehr that be the love of a brother, of a lover, or of a friend. Love is unconditional, and heals great divides. Love, romantic or brotherly, is wonderful, natural, and transcends gender or orientation. Love just is.