Salsa Dancing and Dating

Worldwide the phenomenon of Salsa Dancing and Salsa Dance Clubs is really catching on. There is something about the sexy, subtle, sinuous Salsa that is taking over as the dance of choice. And it's pretty much a unisex dance. Traditional male and female partners can find themselves on the same floor as gay and lesbian couple enjoyingthe latin dance rhythms of the Salsa. Who leads? Well who cares? Each dancer has steps that are shared by their partner. And best yet the basic Salsa is a simple dance to learn and have fun with.

Sure the dance can get very complex as your skill levels rise. But it doesn't take lomnhg to learn a simple routine that you can expand week by week.

And that's where the Salsa comes into contact with dating.

What better way is there to communicate than by music and touch? And what better excuse than a date with a new partner at a salsa club?

We're happy to list any resources you feel are worth listing on this page. The "Contact Us" form is for just that type of thing. And here are a few elements to be getting on with:

This list is ever growing. But what could be better? Romantic and erotic dancing on a date with a new lover? And all found here at