I Want a Soulmate

It isn't a date I want. I don't want all the hassle of romance, dates, romantic trysts, dinners. I don't want to try to work out whether being invited in "for coffee" means I am meant to go for the "Let's make love" stuff or not. All I want to do is to have a soulmate.

And I don't care that much what gender they are, nor what their sexual orientation is. Because all I want is a soulmate. A best friend.

I started a list of things a soulmate should have.

My perfect soulmate, it's called.

  • Empathy. My soulmate should know instinctively when I need a call and more importantly when I don't
  • Tact. When I look awful I do not expect to be told that by my soulmate
  • Patience. I am often a pan in the backside. My soulmate needs to know that and know when to duck
  • Self Assurance. It's no good having a soulmate that always says "yes". I need someone to say "no" to me when I need it to be said.
  • A Positive Outlook. However hard I try I can't always be positive. Some days I am so negative you could use me to stop a freight train. Soulmates help each other through it.

I looked at that list over and over. It's a good list, but it just isn't real. I stopped making lists. What I want is a mixture of a penpal, if they're far away and friendship is they're local enough. And I may want a travel companion, too. Or I may not.

I realised that I can get this via an online dating site, too. Because I can specify what I want. And, more important, what I don't want. So I'm getting started right away.