Dealing with Dating Timewasters

There is very little we as can do to stop timewasters. But we give you a really useful tool that will stop them.

It's the same tool you use in real life dating situations. We let you turn your back on people. And there are some people you should turn your back on. In fact let's look at the type of people who are simply not worth even listening to:

  • someone who messages you with a declaration of undying love as the very first, or even the second message.
  • someone who somehow gives you the creeps
  • someone who asks for a financial favour
  • someone who is too good to be true. This one is tough, because some people have a poor self image. So think what you would advise a friend to do in this situation. And then do it.
  • people who pretend to be several tens of years younger than they are, all the way to pictures that "prove" it. We're not too keen on people who want to masquerade as something they're not in general, but we do understand those milestones like 20, 30, 40, 50 etc. A little tolerance is fine. But a 60 ear old pretending to be a toy boy is not!
  • people who require an unreasonable amount of secrecy. Caution is one thing, but a security clampdown usually means that they have something to hide.

What do we advise with these people? We advise you to "Block" them in your mailbox area. We know that 99% of these people are just timewasters, but some are people with their own agenda. We want your dating experiences to be good, so simple security like blocking them handles almost everything.