Dating Hints and Tips for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered People

You've placed your personals advert, they like your picture, you've looked at their personals advert and you like their picture. Oh wow. What next?

Most people deny that they need a dating tip or two. And then they search for dating tips and wonder how they managed without them. Of course no-one is about to say "I read the dating tips on" when they meet their date.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Dating

Why should this be any different from straight dating? We don't think it should. But we recognise that some gay men have a media reputation for a degree of promiscuity. Well, if you're promiscuous we don't think you'll need our tips. It's if you want a romantic date that you may. And you know what? Being gay or lesbian is no different from being straight. The basics of love, respect and romance hold firm whatever your orientation.

We researched a very large dating advice site and asked about dating advice for GLBT people. The upshot of the advice was very rude! It implied that dating and GLBT was not compatible, and that romance was not allowed. We say "Bullshit!" very loudly at this point. That's because we know a huge number of GLBT people whose romantic relationships and leanings would make heterosexual people ashamed to try to compare with them.

GLBT People need to:

  • Hint one: Remember that life is fun.
  • Hint two: Make the date fun for your new dating partner.
  • Hint three: Flatter your date with true sincerity.
  • Be four. Above all be honest.
  • Hint five: Remember that it is possible to kiss on the first date.
  • Hint six: Wear the right clothes for the date. A suit may have been great for work, but it may be 100% wrong for the soft lit restaurant you have in mind together.
  • Hint seven: Make sure the environment is suitable for holding hands and public displays of affection. I wish society were kinder, but it seems that two girls can hold hands but two boys may not, in most places.
  • Hint one: Don't power dress. Dress to show who you are. Dating is finding common ground.
  • Hint eight: SMS (text message) your date afterwards: "I had a lovely time. May we do it again?" Do it about 5 minutes after you part. Do not forget.
  • Hint nine: If you were treated, write a very short "Bread and Butter" thank you note. "It was a lovely evening. You made me feel wonderful. Thank you for dinner; may I buy it next time?"