Dating Hints and Tips

You've placed your personals advert, they like your picture, you've looked at their personals advert and you like their picture. Oh wow. What next?

Most people deny that they need a dating tip or two. And then they search for dating tips and wonder how they managed without them. Of course no-one is about to say "I read the dating tips on" when they meet their date.

Not a Teenager, not a Senior?

Hmm, the difficult group, eh? But you aren't so different from Teenagers who are dating for the first time, nor from seniors dating often after a romance ended for one reason or another. It's just that, in general you have more money, more self confidence. Otherwise the science of dating is truly simple. Your sole objective is to allow them to talk to you about themselves.

You may be busy with work, or studies, or be a single parent, but you still want to date. You need to:

  • Hint one: Remember that life is fun.
  • Hint two: Make the date fun for your new dating partner.
  • Hint three: Flatter your date with true sincerity.
  • Hint four: Be honest. Above all be honest.
  • Hint five: Remember that it is possible to kiss on the first date.
  • Hint six: Wear the right clothes for the date. A suit may have been great for work, but it may be 100% wrong for the soft lit restaurant you have in mind together.
  • Hint seven: Don't power dress. Dress to show who you are. Dating is finding common ground.
  • Hint eight: SMS (text message) your date afterwards: "I had a lovely time. May we do it again?" Do it about 5 minutes after you part. Do not forget.
  • Hint nine: If you were treated, write a very short "Bread and Butter" thank you note. "It was a lovely evening. You made me feel wonderful. Thank you for dinner; may I buy it next time?"
  • Hint ten: The Office is not going to crumble if you are off duty this evening. Turn the damned mobile phone off! Not "silent". Off!
  • Hint eleven: So you have kids. It's Ok to mention that. It is not Ok to make them a feature of the date, though