Dating Hints and Tips for Teens

You've placed your personals advert, they like your picture, you've looked at their personals advert and you like their picture. Oh wow. What next? Yup, you need a Hint!

Most people deny that they need a dating tip or two. And then they search for teenage dating tips and wonder how they managed without them. Of course no-one is about to say "I read the teenage dating tips on" when they meet their date.

Teenage Dating Tips

This is so obvious as soon as we hit thirty! We see everything we did wrong as a teen. Lordy if only we'd had Hints then! And why not let's include early twenty-somethings in the teenage years, too? I remember how I really thought I knew it all when I was a teenager trying to date. But I blew it each time. I had no-one to ask for tips. And the teenagers I hung out with were as akward at dating as I was. Teenage dating is so often about the desire for sex. So few of us, as teenagers dating others actually think about our partner as a person. And really that is the first Hint. We're selfish. We see a sex object, fancy it and "go for it". And that sucks. So our tip is "stop it."

How many good friendships have we lost by forgetting to be romantic when we're dating? How wonderful it would be to have our old dates in our social circle today. Well, not all of them, obviously. So Hints say "be romantic". I know those big advice and hints sites dismiss teenagers as not wanting romance, but our tip is to be romatic anyway.

Teenagers tend to word poor personals adverts. Their dating profiles tend to be short and they can't make them longer because they "can't think what to say". So teenage dating starts before the date.

Teenage Dating Hints and Tips:

  • Hint one: Know what is good and what is less good about themselves. And show the good side.
  • Hint two: Remember not to upset or offend your date's parents. Actually the first date almost is with the parents because they'll ask!
  • Hint three: Dress well. Jeans with the backside hanging out do not give a parent confidence that their little Sam or Samantha is going to be taken care of properly.
  • Hint four: Get your date back home on time.
  • Hint five: Realise that, while sex may be on offer, friendship is the best thing to build.
  • Hint four: Talk to them about them and listen to their answers. Do not "wait for your turn to speak".
  • Hint five: Know that to find someone to love is the most wonderful thing in the world. And to find someone who loves you in return is bliss.
  • Hint six: Do low cost things. No-one needs a 5 course meal for a date. The Bowling Alley is fine. So is a walk in the park.
  • Hint seven: Share expenses. I don't mean split everything down the middle. But you buy this and let them buy that.
  • Hint eight: SMS (text message) your date afterwards: "I had a lovely time. May we do it again?" Do it about 5 minutes after you part. Do not forget. Don't do it in "textese", do it in full words.

Teenage Dating Hints and Tips, huh? Yes, we all need them. And the Twenty-somethings need them too. Are you convinced now?